Our First Snow!

We’ve never lived anywhere where snow is a regular thing. In Southern California, if you wanted snow, you drove out to the mountains. When we lived in California, we owned a cabin in the mountains and luckily experienced snow when we stayed there for the weekend several times. But that was our extent to living somewhere that gets snow. Until, that is, New Year’s Eve 2014.

Snow at our cabin in California

There were rumblings for days of possible snow at low elevations meaning we might get some at our house. Snow in California (and not in the mountains!), we couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t sleep all night. I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I kept looking out the window to see if we had any. I woke up about 5am to feed Grayson and looked out the window again. Snow was falling! I could not believe it!

About 5am, I woke up Brooklin from a deep sleep to see the snow falling

Fast foward six years, and here we were waiting for another possible snow fall. It’s definitely more of a thing here in North Carolina, but also not crazy blizzard storms like other areas of the east coast. We knew, and hoped, we’d get snow our first year living here. Weather reports started confirming the possibility and we all were getting excited.

School actually let out early in preparation for snow and we couldn’t believe it. Finally, snow started falling late afternoon and didn’t stop. We had a beautiful blanket of snow and loved it! We went out on to the golf course behind our house and played till we couldn’t feel our toes, fingers or noses.

Backyard snowball fight!

The next day, the kids had a snow day from school. We were so excited! This California native has NEVER had a snow day, so to say I was pretty excited was an understatement. The kids and I spent most of the day outside playing in the snow. We went sledding, threw snow balls, the kids ate ice off our handrails (eww!). Hopefully we get snow every year, but I know one thing, we’ll definitely get it more often than we did in California! Xoxo


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