4 Ways To Get It All Done As A Busy Mom

No matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a work-from-the-office mom, I know you are busy. As moms, we have 100 to-dos for ourselves, our houses, and of course, our babies. It is truly never-ending, but one thing that we have to remind ourselves is that the work we do – no matter how exhausting it might be some days – is so rewarding and needed. Some days will be harder than others, but on the days, weeks, or months that are struggling, take a step back and see what you can do to get things back on-track again. If you need extra help, read through these 4 ways to get it all done as a busy mom. Some of these tips might just be the thing you need! 

Focus on self-care

If you read my last blog post, then you know that I am a stay at home mom and I’m constantly taking care of my kids, helping them with school (thanks pandemic!), cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. As a mom, it is hard to feel like we have enough time for ourselves. However, I believe that self-care is extremely important as a parent. As I previously said, if we as women, moms, sisters, grandmas, wives (whatever the case may be) don’t take time for ourselves, we’ll just continue to feel burnt out and that helps no one. Taking care of yourself before others may feel odd – I definitely get it. Keep in mind that if you end up burnt out and stressed to the max, nobody is being put first. In order to care for your children and your family the way that you want to, you have to tend to your needs (and some wants!) first to make sure that you are mentally and physically strong enough to care for everyone and everything else in your life.

Self-care looks different to each and every person and you have to find what works best for you. In my blog post, you can find a whole list of what works for me and it might give you more ideas to add to your self-care list. On my list, I added in a weekend away…alone. I absolutely loved my time away and I came home refreshed and ready to be my best self again, but this might not be up your alley. Instead, you might prefer to get away with your spouse, or a best friend. No matter what you consider self-care, you have to make sure that you are doing something for yourself every single day, no matter what.

Make a checklist 

You do not have to try to be that waitress that blows you away with her memory. Trying to remember everything when you have so much on your plate is not the way to be more productive and get it all done. Remember: even if you do remember everything, nobody is waiting at the finish line to give you a trophy for it. To make things easier, write everything down and check things off your list as you get them done. This is the best way to make sure that you have a goal for the day/week, you know what is coming your way (no surprises!), and you can prepare anything and everything that you need ahead of time. You can use pen and paper, a white board, a chalkboard, or even an app such as Trello, to help you out. I’m sure there are plenty of other applications that cater towards family lists + to-dos, so research a bit and find what works best for you.

Use available resources

If you need a break, or if you need help, that is okay. When we first moved to North Carolina, I did not know anyone. We didn’t have friends and honestly, it was draining, especially since the pandemic was already isolating. It was not until I admitted that I couldn’t do it all on my own, that I needed help, and I needed to find people to connect with, that I really started to thrive again here. Using available resources such as a gym with child care built in, mom and me groups, and other local businesses that can help you out is very important as a busy mom. You cannot do it all alone and you don’t have to. Need a babysitter? Find local groups on Facebook, or use a service like Care. Don’t have time to grocery shop? Use a service like Amazon (Whole Foods) delivery service, Shipt, or Instacart. Can’t move around your heavy furniture, or moving in the near future? Use a local moving company such as College Dudes Help U Move. Since we somewhat recently moved, let me tell you that using a moving service is incredibly helpful as a busy mom. This local NC moving company does it all from Charlotte gun safe moving, to packing, storage, full-service moving, and even antique and art moving. As a parent, do not be afraid to ask for help, no matter if it is from friends, family members, a local babysitter, or a local company. When you use local companies it even supports your local economy, which is so important right now, so look at it as helping small businesses while also helping yourself, if that will give you the push you need.

Give yourself grace

At the end of the day, I want you to give yourself grace. Being a stay at home mom is a tough job and you are doing amazing work, even if you do not do every single little thing on your checklist every single day. Let me just remind you of one more thing. You are the only person your kids need. You do not have to be that Pinterest (or Instagram or TikTok) famous mom who does 100 learning activities with your kids each day. That is not practical for everyone. Instead, just be you. Stop trying to be what you see on Instagram because what you see on your phone is just a highlight reel and you do not see what goes on in that person’s life when it comes to both the ups AND the downs. Give yourself grace and go at your own speed. You are doing an amazing job as a mother and I know how hard you are working. Xoxo


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