Halloween- Tricks or Treats

Halloween 2020

I’ve always been a huge fan of Halloween! When I was working out of the house full-time, my coworkers would get dressed up, we’d have a potluck and it would just be a really fun day! I miss the dressing up for work and this year I was afraid we were going to miss out on everything Halloween wise. Our neighborhood is kind of a go-to area for locals trick-or-treating. Last year, our first Halloween here, we were blown away by how many other kids were out and about in the neighborhood. People would drive from other areas to bring their kids here.

Flash forward to this year. I was definitely not very excited about going door to door during a pandemic, but thankfully we live in a pretty awesome neighborhood that did their own (safe) thing. On Halloween night, we headed out and weren’t sure what we were going to find. The houses we did go to either had tables set up outside with individual candy bags or the PVC pipe trick (many of you have probably seen this) to slide candy from a distance down to kids.

One of our neighbors had a table outside with candy to grab

It was pretty neat how everyone came together to still make it a fun night for the kids. I don’t want my children to think of this as a horrible and scary time and I think we succeeded on Halloween night. When we got home from trick or treating, we left the candy in the buckets so we could “quarantine” it for a few days. We then ate a bunch of delicious food I cooked (homemade chili on Halloween is my favorite), watched Hotel Transylvania 3 and had way too much Halloween candy I had bought from the store a couple weeks prior. We even bought the full size candy bars and the kids went trick or treating at a few of the doors inside our own house. They loved that so much!

Trick or treating outside Grayson’s bedroom door

The kids declared it “their best Halloween” yet, so I would say the evening was a success! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! Xoxo


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