Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Ever since I was a kid and the magic of Santa, getting together with family, looking at Christmas lights, baking, I loved it all. One of my favorite traditions was going to my grandparents house every Christmas Eve. It was my dad’s parents house and I just loved it. Every year it was the same group, my mom, dad, my brother and I, my grandma (my mom’s mom), and of course my grandparents (dad’s parents). Their house was nice and cozy, and we would all gather together in their living room. I loved how my grandmother set up the room for Christmas. She would get one of those 3 feet tall Christmas trees. She put a card table with a beautiful table cloth and then the fully decorated tree on top. We would eat dinner, open gifts and just have a wonderful time. Even though they’re gone, I have so many vivid memories of those years and it makes me smile.

My grandparents home right before we sold it in 2018

When Chris and I started dating, I knew that new traditions would begin. Since we still didn’t really have a Christmas Eve tradition after my grandparents passed, I was so happy to find out that his mom hosted Christmas Eve each year. Her neighborhood went all out for the holiday. They put luminaries throughout the area and people gathered in their driveways with firepits and food. Santa came by for a visit with the children too. It was so much fun! We continued this tradition while dating, then as a married couple and finally with our children. I was thrilled and thought it would be something we would be doing for a very long time. I hoped our children would have fond memories of Christmas Eve with their grandparents, just as I had.

Christmas Eve 2011 (Brooklin’s 1st Christmas)

When we moved to North Carolina last year, I felt a sense of loss because I knew that the traditions our children were just beginning to grow up with, would be no more. It made me sad because I felt like they would be missing out on something although they were still fairly little (Grayson especially) to have any traditions instilled in them. I knew we needed to make the best of things and that it was time to start new traditions.

Our Christmas Eve is much smaller, just the four of us now, but I hope we’re providing good memories for Brooklin and Grayson. Some of the traditions for our Christmas Eve is that they get to open one gift before going to bed, we wear Christmas jammies and we read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Simple but special and I love it. I know someday, we will most likely be spending the holidays with more family, but I will continue to cherish this time just the four of us because I know we are making wonderful memories.

What are some Christmas traditions you have with your family? I would love to hear from you. Maybe it will even give me some ideas of things to add to our own traditions. Xoxo


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