Grayson turns 7!

Last weekend was Grayson’s 7th birthday! Honestly, I was and am still very emotional about it. He’s my baby and the fact that he’s now 7, just blows my mind. Leading up to his birthday, I was looking at pictures from the last seven years and just couldn’t believe how fast time has flown by. Because he’s my last “baby”, as he gets older, it gets harder and harder for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the person he is becoming and his personality is just amazing, but I truly wish things would slow down.

A few months ago we started asking him what he wanted to do for his birthday. When we lived in California, it would have been a huge party with family and friends. However, because we don’t have that out here in North Carolina, we had to figure out something else. He decided that he wanted to go swimming for this birthday (we can do that!).

Always big parties in California. The one year we had the Fire Department come out for a party.

We decided to book a pool through basically the airbnb of pools, Swimply. We found out about this site last year and rented a pool for Brooklin’s birthday last year. We decided to book the same pool for Grayson’s and it was super easy. We planned this for his actual birthday (Sunday), but that also left our Saturday open to maybe do something else.

Because we still don’t know too many people out here, there weren’t really enough friends to invite over for a party. We kept it very small and had my cousin and her two girls over Saturday for cake and snacks. The kids loved getting together and it was a perfect little “party” for Grayson.

So Sunday, his actual birthday, Grayson decided he wanted reindeer pancakes (I know!) for breakfast. Chris woke up and made those for him. Shortly after it was time to head out to the pool. Weather was perfect, nice and warm, and we all had a great time at the pool. We rented the pool for two hours and it was plenty of time for us all.

Reindeer pancakes by request

For birthday dinner, we always let each child pick where they want to go. Grayson’s restaurant of choice (as well as Brooklin’s) is California Pizza Kitchen. Luckily, there’s one location out here (and hopefully it never closes!) so we headed on out for dinner. He got his favorite, mac and cheese followed by a birthday sundae.

It was a quiet but fun-filled birthday and I loved it. I do miss our big family get togethers for birthdays but honestly, I do not miss the stress and planning from having those parties. Once we get to know more people out here, I’d love for the kiddos to have more friends over for their birthdays. But until then, this is what works for us and Grayson really had a great day.

As Grayson likes to say “It was my best day ever!”



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